What is mobiCar Cloud Connected Car Platform?

mobiCar Cloud Connected Car Platform (C3P) can handle complicated logics and process various data types collected by your telematics devices.
mobiCar C3P is efficient and extremely scalable to handle data of hundreds of thousands of vehicles without forcing you to use the most powerful servers. C3P is also designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing business and IT infrastructure with easy-to-use APIs.
mobiCar C3P has an integrated “Data Lifecycle & Ownership Management” module which will allow you to introduce your own “Data Marketplace” and monetize the collected data.

How mobiCar C3P help you business

Making cars connected can provide many businesses and solutions for organizations dealing with cars, such as insurance, remote assistance, remote diagnostics, car parts sales, car services, fleet management, etc.
mobiCar platform is designed to easily get customized and serve the requirements of each business.
We understand that each company’s requirements are very special and unique, and therefore designed mobiCar platform to be modular and customizable to the finest details.

mobiCar connected services

mobiCar can meet most of your business requirements out of the box, but is also extensible easily to meet your unique demands.
Some of our connected car platform solutions we currently support are:
• Remote Diagnostic & remote assistance services
• Warranty monitoring for insurance companies, OEM, etc to ensure the way a vehicle is driven
• Referral to the network of workshops based on car’s model, year, symptom (DTC), etc
• Social diagnostic features (sharing fix solutions for any ECU fault with other users, etc)
• Infrastructure for UBI (Usage Based Insurance) for insurance companies to help them mileage driven and driver behavior to increase their customers, lower their loss ratio and churn rate.
• Fleet management to monitor quantity and quality of driving.
• OEM services (ECU reflashing for EOL, EOL QC processes, etc)
• Portable and small diagnostic tool for mechanics
• Predictive and preventive maintenance services

mobiCar Cloud Connected Car Platform Architecture

connected car architecture
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