Controlling all data of fleet from comfort of your office

Simply, managing a group of vehicles over a large geographical area is called “fleet management service” which includes their maintenance, financing, tracking, replacement, navigation, and routing.

This is usually done by a car tracker or GPS and fleet management software.

Fleet management software helps organizations centrally manage their vehicles, regardless of their current location from your office.

This software helps organizations get things done more smoothly, reduce costs and increase efficiency at the same time.

What is mobiCar fleet management Service?

MobiCar fleet management service is one of the services of “MobiCar Cloud Connected Car Platform”, includes MobiCar connected vehicles software service and a telematics device.

Mobicar Fleet Management Service helps you to easily manage your organization’s transport fleet and reduce the costs associated with them while increasing efficiency.

mobiCar Fleet Management Service Features

  • Realtime Live Car Tracking
  • Periodic Service alarms Based on road time or mileage
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Dynamic Alarm Management
  • Elegant & useful Reports
  • Driver Behavior monitoring
  • ECU parameters monitoring
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