Roadside assistance for your fleet; from the comfort of your office

mobiCar allows you to perform remote diagnostics on any given vehicle of your fleet, while they are on the move. Do not interrupt their work and decrease your fleet efficiency by referring them to a workshop.

What is mobiCar remote diagnostics service?

mobicar hardware coupled with our Cloud Connected Car Platform (mobicar C3P) allows you to make any diagnostic function as if you were present at the vehicle’s location.


You can monitor historic health check reports of the vehicle or send a command to read existing fault codes on any ECU like engine, airbag, ABS, ESP, Radio, Immobilizer, etc. You can also erase DTC codes on each single ECU.

How mobiCar remote diagnostics can help you?

mobiCar C3P’s coverage for the fault codes and their description is wide (all systems vs. engine only) and deep (OEM level vs OBD2). We have access to OEM level trouble codes for each vehicle manufacturer and for each ECU, which will help you pinpoint the exact problem.

Sometimes you need to test a component to ensure it is performing correctly. Let’s assume you get an alarm on one of the cars in your fleet indicating “high engine coolant temperature”. You read the faults and everything looks good. However, you suspect the high-speed fan for the coolant system may have some issues. You can easily activate it right from your C3P’s web panel and ask the driver to check if s/he can hear the fan blowing.

You can also assign temporary access to a technician to interact with vehicle’s diagnostic data for a specific period of time. This is helpful when you contract a company or a workshop to maintain your vehicles, but do not want to provide them with continuous and unlimited access to your fleet’s information. The access can be automatically granted when a DTC is observed and revoked after a specified amount of time. Any other scenarios may be implemented into your customized solution to increase your organization’s efficiency and provide better customer satisfaction.

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